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MAXIM NYANSA Foundation is a non profit organization. With your help we can grow and keep the costs for our training programs for young IT professionals and schools as low as possible.

How can you become a part of the maxim Nyansa family ?

1. Be an ambassador: share your enthusiasm for Maxim Nyansa with your network, in particular via social media.
2. Volunteer: we have active teams of volunteers, compassionate professionals in both Ghana and the Netherlands. In particular we regularly seek IT professionals as trainers for our graduate programs.
3. Campaign: you can initiate a fundraising campaign for us at work, in your school, church or neighborhood. You can contact us for ideas on how to do that.
4. Give us your end of life cycle computers. We will refurbish them and give them a second life in a public school in West-Africa.
5. Financially adopt a school or a young IT graduate to take part in one of our programs.

But first and foremost, Maxim Nyansa is an international family of compassionate people looking for “the best of two worlds”. We have our family events and will welcome you as our brother or sister, the African way. Akwaaba


The COMPUTER4SCHOOLS campaign is a project in close collaboration with schools, traditional councils, businesses and other sponsors all over Ghana. We believe that all students in Ghana can obtain 21st century skills. Information technology is fundamentally changing the world and the job market and will be a key factor for the development in the ECOWAS region, and the country of Ghana. Digital literacy and the ability to apply ICT in problem solving are fundamental success factors for this change. We therefore want all children in Ghana to have the opportunity to take part in these changes, by having access to internet and to computers.



Maxim Nyansa regularly organizes information meetings for those who want to know more or consider to be involved. If you want to meet with us, in Ghana or the Netherlands, please contact us at


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