MAXIM NYANSA works in partnership with individuals, businesses and other NGO’s and of course with educational institutions who share our mission and vision to equip young people in Africa. With values such as equality, synergy and humility, we create a win-win for everyone involved while we reach as many young people as possible in a sustainable way.

ICT experts & Other Professionals

Decide to volunteer with us as a valuable experience to contribute to their career or their search for a new calling in their personal lives. We offer exciting internships and research projects for students of various types of educational institutions. In this way we create challenging learning experiences and a win-win situation.

Partner NGO's

From various countries look for collaboration with us in their own projects as we bring in professionalism in the field of ICT and Education. We tailor joint educational projects and do joint fundraising where necessary.

ICT companies & other businesses

Work with us stepping into a next level in their Corporate Social Responsibility and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. We tailor a package with them that assists them in their corporate communication and engage their employees and customers in an inspiring way with a wide range of communication products and innovative transparency on all projects.



With each charity partner Maxim Nyansa interacts to find the right way to collaborate. Our volunteer team will visit you and come up with various possible ways to be involved in the work of Maxim Nyansa and its projects.


Donation of slightly used computers and other hardware destined to a second life at an African school. Computer collection points and storage space.Use or sponsorship of transport like trucks, containers and ships

Our logistics team takes care of GDPR proof processing and packaging of all items. Tracing and tracking system to follow your own donations. Results transparent via website and interactive maps


Professionals travel to our training centers in Africa to share their expertise in practical training programs:
ICT experts
Project managers
Digital marketers
Personal coaches
Educational specialists

Volunteers pay their own travel costs.
In Africa they stay on our training center free of charge. They become part of the Maxim Nyansa family. Travel opportunities.


The vast majority of the value we create has no cash involved.
But we also need money!
Donate financially to help us cover our operational costs.
Or adopt for 2500 EUR:
– A school
– A container
– A trainee

You can follow your donation with our tracing and tracking system.
video and photo material
Social media coverage
Publicity via our website of your sponsorship etc.

As a charity partner of Maxim Nyansa you are working on these Sustainable Development Goals

Through our Learning Transformation program, you support us to provide quality education to children. Our boot-camp for young IT graduates enhances the career opportunities for young graduates since after the boot-camps they have decent works which leads to economic growth. The collection of slightly used hardware to set up ICT labs in schools in Africa contributes to responsible and sustainable consumption; reducing the hardware disposal cycle as computers get a second life in schools in Africa.

Why are programs of Maxim Nyansa so successful?

The vast majority of community development projects and ICT projects in schools in Africa has failed or proven not sustainable after a short period of time. At its start in 2016, Maxim Nyansa investigated the fail and success factors of similar projects and designed its approach to address these risks. After that, the organization developed its own method of monitoring and evaluation.

It is for this reason that we received the FIRE AFRICA AWARD 2019 for our contribution to the digital transformation of Africa. 


1. Interactivity: gives students a deep understanding of what they learn
2. Practicality: complementary to education in Africa all our programs are practical
3. Integrality: our programs offer a total package addressing all success factors simultaneously
4. Responsibility: we ask beneficiaries to take charge and ownership of their future
5. Sustainability: three-year mutual commitment for results to become permanent
6. Frugality: almost all of our resources are for free
7. Transparency: our own cloud based tracing and tracking system follows goods and projects
8. Professionalism: we follow international standards and certifications 
9. Evidence based: we evaluate output and outcome and improve constantly
But the biggest of them all is.     
10. LOVE: we are an extended family of passionate professionals who love and help each other and we find big joy in that. 




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Phone : +233 209 057 157

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