MAXIM NYANSA Foundation is a non-profit organization. With your help we can grow and keep the costs for our training programs for young IT professionals and schools as low as possible.


We have active teams of volunteers and compassionate professionals in all of our operating countries.

Become a Trainer

We are constantly looking for experienced professionals who are willing to give practical training at our training center or via webinars.

Donate your end of life cycle computers

We will refurbish them and give them a second life in a public school in West-Africa.

Be an ambassador

Share your enthusiasm for Maxim Nyansa with your network, in particular via social media.


You can initiate a fundraising campaign for us at work, in your school, church or neighborhood.

For corporate bodies

ICT companies and other businesses work with us stepping into a next level in their Corporate Social Responsibility and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. We tailor a package with them that assists them in their corporate communication and engage their employees and customers in an inspiring way with a wide range of communication products and innovative transparency on all our projects. 



Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions, CORAL AVENUE – TANTRA HILLS, ACCRA. GPS address GW-0845-5256

Phone : +233 209 057 157

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