Do you want to further your professional development? EXIN is the global independent certification institute for ICT-professionals. With more than 30 years of experience in certifying the competences of over 2 million ICT-professionals, EXIN is the leading and trusted authority in the IT-market.


  • 1. Visit the EXIN website at and look for the international certification exam of your choice. Each exam provides detailed information on the curriculum that must be learned and provides test-exams to provide the necessary information.

  • 2. Study to prepare yourself for the exam individually, with an online training course or a training institute or school of your choice. Take an online test-exam on the EXIN website to check if you are well-prepared. In case you take an EXIN exam via your employer or a training institute in Ghana, the exam will be planned for you by the institute in communication with Maxim Nyansa.

  • 3. In case you want to take the exam individually, you can subscribe HERE.

  • 4. Maxim Nyansa’s exam co-ordinator will contact you with detailed instructions regarding the practicalities of the exam.

  • 5. You pay via bank transfer or mobile money ultimately 2 hours before the start of the exam. Payment can be made to the MTN Mobile Money merchant number for Maxim Nyansa with account name as: "Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions", and number: 0248759750 or Alternative use our merchant code/number "MTN MoMoPay Acc. No. 530736" or Maxim Nyansa Republic Bank Account number : 0024868231013.

  • 6. You take your exam at our facility at Tantra Hills on a Friday afternoon – or at your educational institution.

  • 7. In the course of the next week you will receive your results in your individual EXIN portal. The certificate will be emailed to you personally as a pdf and can be used immediately.

  • 8. A hardcopy of the certificate will be available for you at the Maxim Nyansa office ultimately 14 days after taking the exam.

  • 9. The default exam is in English but you can indicate if you prefer to do the exam in French.

  • 10. We provide tailor made provisions for people with special needs.



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