Maxim Nyansa stands for the best of two worlds.  A foundation established in Ghana in 2016. We have the strength of an NGO and we are a foundation raising funds and mobilizing volunteers to train underprivileged young Africans. We believe in a bi-cultural approach and our organization will be owned, governed and executed by teams where Europeans and Africans are working together on a basis of equality and synergy. 

Our name means “maximal wisdom” and our logo – a classic Ghanaian Adinkra symbol – literally means “climbing the right tree”. This expression means: “He who works for a good cause may expect the help of others”. It reflects our mission, which is to give young Africans who are less fortunate a chance to be educated and equipped for their professional lives. We believe they have great potential, but they can be helped by a little push to climb to the next branch of the tree of their personal development.

Maxim Nyansa stands for the best of two worlds in various ways:
First, we are an NGO, and at the same time looking for sustainable business models to grow our work in Africa. Second, while we introduce various practices, values and technologies from Europe or the US, we also highly value the African sense of belonging. For us, Maxim Nyansa is an extended family. A circle of trust where family members know they will find the necessary support.


Creating Career Perspective for Young Africans

To create career perspectives for young people with the use of information technology. We believe it is possible to equip the young graduates in Africa for the new local and international job market; giving access to valuable and affordable practical resources and training.


Learning Transformation & Training programs all over Africa

To launch learning transformation and training programs all over Africa to equip young people with 21st century learning, affordable practical training and career coaching which will give them the competitive advantage on the local and international job market.



We believe in empowering young Africans through knowledge transfer.


We value the African concept of the extended family and this is how we want to relate to all our partners.


We believe that young educated people can have a positive impact on their families and communities.


We are committed to quality according to international standards of professionalism.


We believe in doing business in a frugal and humble way, without compromising on the quality of our services.


We believe educational software can benefit education everywhere in the world, but only when it is combined with intensive personal contact and practical training.


We believe in doing business in a frugal and humble way, without compromising on the quality of our services.


We believe in equality for all people, in fair trade and fair working conditions.





With over 18 years of experience in assurance and finance, I am a strategic and managerial leader who advises and supports international, non-profit, and private sector organizations on financial management, sustainable and impact investment, business process improvement, assurance, governance and risk management.



Diana is a former CIO/CFO of a ministry in the Dutch government. In 2015 she became a social entrepreneur and founded a fair-trade software company. Diana also sits on the board of Climbing The Right Tree.



She has a vast experience in accountancy and taxation. Having worked for over 20 years with Hines as a managing director she brings on-board quality managerial and administrative skills.



Kojo Dougan is an experienced Business Operations & Strategy Executive with a passion for skills development and mentoring. As Senior Consultant with Kyrios Dougan Inc, he serves as Advisor to a number of fintech and startups.




Kojo Dougan is an experienced Business Operations & Strategy Executive with a passion for skills development and mentoring. As Senior Consultant with Kyrios Dougan Inc, he serves as Advisor to a number of fintech and startups.



Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of success in the consulting and finance sectors. Skilled in management consulting, risk management, decision quality, sales, innovation, finance, and public speaking. Holds an MS in Computer Science and an MBA.



Mr Francis Bandoh is a Chartered, qualified and Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA UK). He further jolts an IFRS Certificate with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCRA [UK]) and also a Senior Member of the Ghana Institure of Taxation.


What Our Community Says ?

In the board, we make sure our ambition is realistic and feasible. Being in the board gives me meaning, knowing that I contribute to a better world. It also makes me richer in contacts, as I come outside my usual bubble. It makes me a richer human.


Board Netherlands

I have been trained by Maxim Nyansa in 2016 and after that i have been able to make use of my skills in starting a software service for schools. I recommend Maxim Nyansa to anyone starting out and wants a the right ways to suceed.

Stephen Ofori

Team Lead, SKUUNI

I moved from Istanbul to The Netherlands. Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions in the Netherlands (Climbing The Right Tree) is a big chance to see people around. It’s a safe place to make good things. Being here helps me to learn Dutch and to develop my skills in a non-for-profit organization.


PR volunteer Netherlands

The vision and mission of Maxim Nyansa align with me and what I want to do: to create career perspectives for young Africans. Every day here is a best moment. At Maxim Nyansa, we have the principle of family. Everyone can give their ideas and together we make decisions.


PR volunteer Netherlands

Being here as a logistics volunteer gives me the chance to do what I love: work with computers. I can use my talents here, the most fun for me is trouble shooting. At the same time, it is great that you are a node in the chain to help creating better lives for Africans.


Logistics volunteer Netherlands

I love to tinker with computers and help with the whole logistics process: from picking up hardware to process, clean and send them. Doing this gives me gratitude, nice contacts and structure for myself. It is a nice place where you are accepted and have freedom to contribute how you want.


Logistics volunteer Netherlands

I like to be part of Climbing The Right Tree as it is small and orderly. It is great to spend my free time this way as I love to work with my hands. The volunteer work gives me a place to talk with people and to learn even more about computers. 


Logistics volunteer Netherlands

Maxim Nyansa feels for me as a real family where I got responsibility and trust. At the same time, you have freedom to volunteer how it suits you. I also did have the chance to go to Ghana and see how the process is going on there. It has been an eyeopener in my life.


logistics manager Netherlands

Being an intern for Maxim Nyansa gives me the opportunity to get new social contacts outside my usual bubble. I meet people from different disciplines and cultures. It opens my world view, while I can develop my professional working skills.


Intern Netherlands

As an intern for Maxim Nyansa, I have created an impact assessment method. I have been warmly welcomed, got in contact with experts and I contribute to a noble goal. As an intern, you also have the opportunity to go to Ghana. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go due to COVID-19.


Intern Netherlands

As interns for Maxim Nyansa, we improved the inventory system by creating a ticketing system and a form. We really got responsibility, there was clear feedback and it is nice to see they make use of our work.

Mario and Tristan

Intern Netherlands

I got value and confidence when I became part of Maxim Nyansa. Maxim Nyansa helps me to show my graphic design work to the outside world. It is two-sided, they helped me and I help them. They also offered me the chance to talk to the new trainees and get them into graphic designing.

Gideon – Trainee 2018

Trainer and PR Volunteer Ghana

I have been a trainee in 2018 and the value of giving back drives me to be a trainer for Maxim Nyansa. I brought SCRUM down to the African context, by intermediating between Dutch trainers and the trainees. While working with professionals, I have a sense of belonging.

Elvin – Trainee 2018

Trainer and PR Volunteer Ghana

I joined Maxim Nyansa as I was so happy to see how much compassion they have for African students. They are helping others without expecting back. Everyday has been a wonderful experience and it is great to see a smile on kids’ faces.


PR Volunteer Ghana

I share the value of Maxim Nyansa: to help the vulnerable who do not have the opportunity to shine. Students are good academically, but are not pushed to grow. Maxim Nyansa gives me the platform to help people and as a logistics manager.


Logistics Manager Ghana

Maxim Nyansa is a big family. It is not just an organisation, it is a family where I belong. As a trainer and volunteer in the bootcamp, I got the chance to share the knowledge I gained during the bootcamp and give back.


Trainee, Trainer and PR Volunteer Ghana

I believe in the vision and dream of Maxim Nyansa. As a project manager and marketing manager, I have gained skills in IT and I am meeting wonderful people that push you around. I am more confidential now in managing as I have learned how to plan and propose.


Project and Marketing mManager Ghana

As a documentary maker I portray the impact of what Maxim Nyansa does. I have studied the trainees and their impact is great. Maxim Nyansa gives me the international experience which makes me more respected in my industry.



I was selected for the second batch of trainees in 2017. It is not just an IT programme, it is a family guiding you in IT and life. The mission for underprivileged is brilliant and it was a favour to join. The training enlightened me, things were clear and I got an understanding of the practical field.


Trainee 2017

I joined Maxim Nyansa’s training in 2018 and since then I build my confidence and broadened my horizon in IT. They push you hard, help to achieve your dreams and transform your life to a higher level. I was empowered to launch my start-up Odwadini.


Trainee 2018, Founder Odwadini

At first I was not selected for the training, but worked hard, build a small system in Java and applied again. I was interviewed, selected, and part of the 2017 batch. I learned how to communicate, especially cross-cultural. I did have the basics, but this prepared me for the career market as I am now a professional. I want others to benefit from this as well.


Trainee 2017

After my graduation in 2016, I was recruited for the first pilot program in Kumasi. I got practical experience I did not have based on what I learned at university. After the training, I established Trinity Software Centre with two mates of the program, a spin-off of Maxim Nyansa.


Trainee 2016, Co-founder Trinity Software Centre

I participated in the general bootcamp in 2017 and a data science bootcamp in 2018. I learned that anything is achievable, you have to know what skills are needed, and plan to get that skills. I got much confidence and see myself as unique, not just following the crowd.


Trainee 2017

I participated in the first batch in 2016. It benefitted me a lot. I can do the work that I am doing now, thanks to the training. I gained a lot of practical experience and welcome other people, I am an ambassador now!


Trainee 2016

As a trainer for Maxim Nyansa, I can carry forwards knowledge I have which can be used to improve the lives of trainees. Helping others gives me a satisfaction and it helps the trainees in their future careers.


Trainer Cyber Security

Teaching for Maxim Nyansa made me realize how much I know myself and how beautiful it is to share my knowledge: knowledge is more worth if you share it. Unfortunately we could not go to Ghana due to COVID, but we bridged the distance with enthusiasm and creativity!


Trainer Data Science, CapGemini

Teaching the trainees during the data science bootcamp has given me satisfaction and a smile every day. I am looking forward to go to Ghana and taste the culture, as due to COVID we could not go.


Trainer Data Science, CapGemini

Teaching together with my colleague was a useful teambuilding activity. I entered with an open attitude and it has benefitted both sides! A collaboration with Maxim Nyansa is very interesting for companies: there is little time difference and a decent infrastructure, and it is nearby.



Trainer SCRUM, Conclusion

You give a little and get so much back. Teaching is time-consuming, but not compared to the satisfaction. Getting a perspective and know how little it takes to help someone is extremely fulfilling on the individual level.


Trainer Cyber Security

I believe in the idea to share my expertise for good causes. Much people are looking to engage in charities, but do not find a suitable organisation for their wishes. Maxim Nyansa is a charity for me where I can share my knowledge and get fulfilment.


Trainer Data Science

Maxim Nyansa creates win-win situations. The trainees are eager to learn and I can pass on what I have learned. The trip to Ghana was very valuable to us, we taught them and they taught us. We certainly got our investment back.


Trainer SCRUM

The goals of Maxi Nyansa transform different communities positively. Thanks to the collaboration, we are developing a branch in Burkina Faso. In the future, we can replicate it in other (Francophone) countries. I want Maxim Nyansa in the whole of Africa. Going digital creates value and opportunities.


Charity Partner Burkina Faso

We have similar goals as Maxim Nyansa. We can learn from them and they can learn from us. Maxim Nyansa helps us to get international recognition and get more funding, so we can expand. We enrich Maxim Nyansa with our hands-on skills training.  


Charity Partner the Gambia, proprietor RealTech Gambia

When I volunteer for Maxim Nyansa, I am using my time for the better. My time is well-spent and I contribute to professional work. Maxim Nyansa has a broad field of volunteers, from logistics to PR. Almost everyone can use their skills here.


Charity Partner Netherlands

We are having similar activities and decided to strengthen each other. We help schools to suffice in condition needed for Maxim Nyansa to equip an ICT lab. The collaboration enables us to work on a bigger scale, we already did our 8th project with Maxim Nyansa.

Macina Foundation

Charity Partner Netherlands

It is in my nature to give back and being in the board of Maxim Nyansa gives me satisfaction. We help to raise people, it creates hopes and steers people, societies and generations in the good direction.  Maxim Nyansa leaves a footprint.


Board Ghana

Maxim Nyansa has given me the opportunity to serve my country, as board chair. I feel happy and fulfilled to contribute to the development of Africa. I see a bright future, Maxim Nyansa as a household name in Africa and a place where every student who is eager to learn about ICT runs to.


Board Ghana

Being part of the board gives me a good feeling, as I can share my qualities and meet new people. In the board I work with people that have a lot of respect and in the Netherlands and Ghana we have a great team of volunteers on which I trust fully!


Board Netherlands



Maxim Nyansa Foundation, CORAL AVENUE – TANTRA HILLS, ACCRA. GPS address GW-0845-5256

Phone : +233 209 057 157

Email : mninfo@maximnyansa.com