Information Technology is fundamentally changing the world and the job market, and it is key for Africa’s development. Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions is committed to creating career perspectives for young Africans through the following ways:


We help schools to set up their IT labs and offer digital educational materials based on the School’s curriculum

With an integrated approach, we help schools to improve the quality of their education using digital skills training of teachers and students; setting-up of ICT labs; and introducing interactive teaching methods. The aim of this intervention is to bridge the gap between the current, passive and theoretical, West-African High educational system and the skills and competence employers are asking for

Supporting high school students with computers and software:
Maxim Nyansa is supporting students in high schools across Africa by providing them and of course their teachers with much-needed IT infrastructure and educational software. To support high school students in their learning process, there are many excellent open source resources available on-line for both teachers and students. Visit our digital library  for open source resources. 

These materials can be of great help in improving the quality of education. For most schools, going on-line to work with this material is not an option. Maxim Nyansa therefore looks for the right infrastructural solution for every situation, at school and at home.


We help to shape the soft and hard skills of young graduates and offer them support to enter into the job market and excel.

we offer professional IT training for young ICT graduates from underprivileged background. We combine soft skills, personal development, career coaching with practical projects where young people specialize in software development, data science or cyber security. We help prepare them for the job market. This includes international certification and entrepreneurship training.

African universities give you a good academic curriculum. This program adds the necessary components to get you to a quality job in ICT by training you in the necessary soft skills, hands on practical experience and international certification.

Trainees should have a strong passion for IT; having a Bachelor Degree [in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering or a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Computer Science or Information Technology] will be considered a plus. They must be fully available to stay at our center for the whole period of the program, and must have completed national service.


We also help to improve the professional image of young graudates and working sector by offering opportunities to write certifications exams in their chosen fields.

Maxim Nyansa Foundation represents everything EXIN International in Ghana and West Africa at large as far as EXIN business is concerned. Our focus is to provide relevant programs, products and services that match the needs and demands of the training and certification projects. Our prices for the exams are relatively low as compared to that of EXIN international itself. Maxim Nyansa Foundation does this in order to help develop young African IT amateurs and professionals to easily catch up with the ‘hot’ race of competition and transformation that characterizes the world’s Information Technology dynamics today. 

We therefore offer a portfolio on behalf of EXIN that grows to meet trends in the market where the certification offered is continually and constantly upgraded to meet the solution demands in each field of specialization.




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