Maxim Nyansa Foundation is pleased to announce that applications for the Software Development Bootcamp 2023, are now open! Maxim Nyansa Foundation’s 3-month intensive Training Program provides access to world-class education in software development and soft skills. Apply now to become a member of the next generation of innovative technology entrepreneurs!

The Training Program is scheduled to begin in March 2023. The application period begins on January 17, 2023, and ends on February 20, 2023.

Apply early to receive faster updates and feedback on your application status!

Important Dates
Application deadline: 20th February 2023
Training Starts: 13th March 2023

Application Requirement:

  • A Computer Science degree from a top university or Technical institutions or equivalent experience.
  • Should have completed National Service
  • Young persons passionate about tech and use of technology
  • Confident and independent thinking


The software development training has the goal of getting newbies (aspiring software developers) and intermediate developers to get started well with their journey and hopefully be prepared for the job market after completing all modules successfully. 

Software development is a relatively green field in Africa and has a lot of opportunities for young graduates to apply their creative knowledge to solve world problems. There are a lot of different specializations in the software world such as Mobile Application development, Web development, Desktop Applications development, etc.

In our module, we focus more on web development and give brief introductions to the other different specialization areas which helps trainees to have a broader view of the field and decide for themselves where they want to focus in their career life. In the final month of the programme, we brainstorm ideas on a potential product that can be developed by the team and we work on it in groups of developers.

During the programme practical assignments will constantly be executed and in the final month a real life project will be introduced to work on by the team, preferably a project that can be continued to benefit the world after completion.



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