Training Programme for 2017

MAXIM NYANSA offers a 6 month full time training programme for Bachelor graduates in Computer Science or Education and Computer Science (BE). The program will be highly practical and focuses on the personal development of the trainees as IT professionals, capable to function in an international professional environment. Practical assignments will be carried out mentored by experienced international IT professionals. The training program prepares for international IT certification in various fields.

Programme Content for the summer program

1. Maxim Nyansa values and principles

2. Personal development and self-management

3. Communication and presentation skills

4. Working in an international, multicultural environment

5. Software development methods – PRINCE 2

6. Software development methods – SCRUM

7. Software testing

8. IT architecture

9. Programming Bootcamp and use of UBUNTU

10. International Certification exams(PRINCE 2, SCRUM and other)

After the 2 months full time program on our summer campus, Maxim Nyansa will help you to find an internship fit to your personal profile and passion. This might be part of your National Service when you are a Ghanaian national enrolling for that program this summer.

The internship will take at least 3 month (but might be longer when part of National Service). During this period, you will be matched with an experienced IT professional from Europe who will be your personal mentor.

In January 2018, the training program provides you with a one month specialization. The content is still open as it will depend on the profile of our next group of trainees.

Finally, during a period of two years, Maxim Nyansa will provide you with career coaching and helping you to set the next steps in your professional lives. This is a tailor made program, different for every individual selected to enroll in our program.

We are currently making some final revisions on our 2017 program, a full comprehensive overview will be available for download 1 March.

Click this link to download our training programme 2017

Sponsorship / Costs

This training program is being financially supported by our Foundation thanks to donations. The program is therefore free of charge.

We will ask trainees to bring their own laptop and a health insurance.

What we aim to achieve

It is our ambition to launch training programmes in the metropolitan cities of West-Africa. Each year we will offer a 6 month programme for young graduates in computer science to get them ready for the international job market. At the same time, we offer a learning transformation programmes for West-African high schools, helping them to introduce their students to 21st skills including digital literacy.

Introducing Maxim Nyansa