Odwadini is a basic voice guide financial accounting app aimed at helping businesses, shop owners and traders in a more formal way of financial record keeping. It is available in various Ghanaian languages and English.

There exist improper bookkeeping practices amongst the private informal sector players due to low accounting knowledge and high illiteracy rate.

Odwadini as a voice guide accounting app is to help provide an easy, accessible and user-friendly way of keeping financial records in order to help track their day-to-day transactions in a more accurate manner.

Core services includes, voice guide accounting system, daily financial transaction recording, periodic report generation, financial coaching, automatic financial record storage, automatic information backup and retrieval.

The co-founders of the business comprise two industrious personnels Samuel Asante (Maxim Nyansa Trainee 2018 ) and Dennis Boateng (Accountant) who are interested in identifying societal problems and turning them into good success.


Phone : +233 546 093 352

Email : info@odwadiniapp.com

Website: www.odwadiniapp.com



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