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A few months ago, some of our 2017 and 2018 trainees contacted us with the special request for a new specialization track, as they were hugely interested in a career in cyber security. Initially, we decided to start a small pilot program with a group of trainees and one trainer from the Netherlands. As a result, we currently run an intensive cyber security bootcamp in our training center in Tantra Hills with 14 trainees.

In particular, our collaboration with KPMG in the Netherlands and Norway has been very helpful. As part of the CSR programs of the KPMG consulting firms (Netherlands and Norway), the consultants helped us with both quality course content development and training of participants in the ongoing bootcamp training program in cyber security at our training center, Tantra Hills – Accra – Ghana. We are very grateful for their help.

Soon, we were surprisingly overwhelmed with requests to join the program. Not only by young IT graduates who were looking for jobs, but also by experienced people working for banks and other institutions, looking for an opportunity for a quality training in cyber security. At the same time, we got an enthusiastic group of international cyber security specialists who offered to help us run a 14-week bootcamp about cyber security, leading to CompTIA Security + and CISSP international certification exams.

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