IT Professionalism Programme


Maxim Nyansa offers a 1 month’s intensive training programme for young IT graduates to prepare them for the job market. The training is highly practical and is given by experienced IT professionals. Every year Maxim Nyansa selects 20 high potential trainees to follow this programme. The trainees generally have graduated from an African university with a Bachelor in Computers Science or Software Engineering or a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in computer science and have completed their national service.

During the programme, trainees will have the opportunity to obtain an internationally accepted IT certificate in SCRUM. While African universities generally have a good theoretical curriculum, there is often not much opportunity to practice IT skills. Hence, at Maxim Nyansa, a large part of our programme will consist of practical assignments.

In this programme, trainees learn various key skills for the 21st century job market in information technology, such as:

1. Time management
2. Project management and Scrum (including international certification exam)
3. Presentation skills
4. Communication and teamwork (also cross culturally)
5. A practical mini project for a real life customer.

More important, participants will make a purposeful plan and learning programme for their future.

1. Understanding of their own talents and calling in life
2. Introduction of the type of specializations in IT and their best fit
3. Personal development plan
4. Career coaching

After the programme, trainees are equipped for their first job, or stay for an additional 3 month’s intensive specialization programme.

Tution fee

GHC 2500 for the 30 days intensive training programme starting 13 January 2020:

1. includes full board at our mini campus at the Maxim Nyansa Villa at Tantra Hills in Accra
2. An international certification exam at EXIN in scrum (market value GHC 800)

Students from a less privileged background can apply for a soft loan or a scholarship from the Maxim Nyansa Foundation.


Applicants who want to take part in our next programme starting 13 January 2020 are invited to submit their candidacy before 1 November 2019.

The following criteria will be strictly applied for selection:

1. Graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Science, Software development, Information technology (BSc) or Bachelor in Education and Computer Science (BEd)
2. As an alternative, we also take in candidates with a different degree but a significant knowledge of IT and particularly high academic grades
3. Have knowledge about algorithms and data structures
4. Have basic knowledge in IT Infrastructure
5. Good academic performance
6. Highly motivated to learn how to work in a competitive international professional environment
7. Capable and open to learning cross cultural communication
8. Availability and willingness to live on campus for 1 month.
9. Having finished national service.

Maxim Nyansa favors gender equality and the career opportunity for young women in IT. Women are explicitly invited to apply. Our campus will provide for a safe and respectful learning environment for both women and men.

Those who desire to take part with the support of a Maxim Nyansa scholarship, should provide information about their social background proving that they are unable to financially carry the costs of the programme.

Trainees will be asked to bring a health insurance card and their own laptop.

Application Procedure

Click here to apply directly for January 2020 general programme.

1. A motivational letter.
2. A CV including a description of relevant work experience including national service.
3. Transcript of subjects and grades of University study and Bachelor Degree certificate.
4. Two references. (name, email address, telephone number and relation to candidate)
5. A link to a recent work you have done if any.

Our selection procedure will include a personal interview with the directors of Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions and a 2 hour practical assignment. This selection process will take place in November, 2019.