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New training program 2017 campaign launched – applications closed

We have launched a campaign for the new program in February, by first publishing a new design of our website containing all up to date information for admissions. This campaign includes visits to numerous university campuses in Ghana to inform last year students about our program and actively inviting women to apply. We also did our first social media campaign on Facebook, reaching 45.000 young Ghanaians in higher education in one month time. We are currently processing the applications for a second selection round in May. Most volunteer trainer positions have been filled and we are taking the final steps to complete our 2017 curriculum.

This year we are expanding the program to 6 months. After the 2 months intensive training on our mini campus, trainees are expected to get an internship matching their career plan, and come back to Maxim Nyansa for a specialization program early 2018. This whole program will be tailor made for each candidate and built in close communication with eventual future employers.


Partnership with your business in Ghana

After 2 months of intensive training, our trainees will be taking an internship of three months or more at an organization that can provide them with a rewarding learning environment aligned with their personal profile. Various arrangements are possible, like hosting a trainee for one year for National Service or assigning IT projects to Maxim Nyansa, as our trainees will be executing them. If your business is interested to work with us, we kindly invite you to contact our director in Accra, Mr. Stanley Dankyira. For a full overview of our curriculum and admission criteria for the program please click HERE