Maxim Nyansa Foundation is looking for sponsors for the not for profit branch of our organization.

1. Maxim Nyansa has the ambition to open training center and services for high schools in big cities everywhere in Africa. For each local branch startup funding is needed, like the rental of a building to serve as a mini campus, and the contracting of qualified local management. The first group of trainees needs to complete their program before any business activities can start and the social enterprise can actually start to make money. Donations for this phase are most welcome.

2. Sponsor an educational IT project at an African high school. For € 100 a school has a desktop including open source software.

For € 5000 we create a complete IT lab including the IT literacy training program for its application in class by the teachers and students.

3. Sponsor and mentor one of our IT trainees. For € 2500 a trainee can follow our 6 months training program. This includes a full board scholarship for food and housing during 12 training weeks, a three months internship and exams for various international IT certificates. A professional programme that is worth the equivalent of € 25.000 for a similar training in Europe.

Donations are tax deductible under Dutch and Ghanaian Law.

We are happy to meet with you on a tailor made program and project portfolio.

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What we aim to achieve

It is our ambition to launch training programmes in the metropolitan cities of West-Africa. Each year we will offer a 6 month programme for young graduates in computer science to get them ready for the international job market. At the same time, we offer a learning transformation programmes for West-African high schools, helping them to introduce their students to 21st skills including digital literacy.

Maxim Nyansa interviews Legon students