Get involved

MAXIM NYANSA Foundation is a non profit organization with the mission to create career perspective for young Africans using IT.

We are seeking to partner with individuals, businesses and donor organizations to support our mission by

1. donating for one of our training programmes for young IT graduates in West-Africa

2. financially sponsoring one of our learning transformation projects in West-African public high schools

3. donating second hand computers and other hardware, that is still in a good shape; we regularly ship a container from Rotterdam to Accra, Ghana.

4. becoming a volunteer; we have active teams of volunteers, compassionate professionals in both Ghana and the Netherlands. In particular we seek experienced IT professionals who are available to give practical training in our 2017 summer campus programme in July and August.

5. starting a campaign: you can initiate a fundraising campaign for us at work, in your school, church or neighborhood. You can contact us for ideas on how to do that.

6. becoming an ambassador: simply share your enthusiasm for Maxim Nyansa with your family, friends or colleagues in particular via social media. This is a ver great help for us and does not require much from you.

7. But first and foremost, Maxim Nyansa is an international family of compassionate people looking for “the best of two worlds”. We have our family events and welcome you as our brother or sister, the African way. Akwaaba!

Know more?

Maxim Nyansa regularly organizes information meetings for those who want to know more or consider to be involved. If you want to meet with us, in Ghana or the Netherlands, please contact us at


In collaboration with Ghanaian fashion design company Pesewas Clothing we have launched our own Maxim Nyansa tablet covers. They will be for sale in the Netherlands in various designs, in leather combined with African prints and for men as well as women. Buying a tablet cover like this gives you a unique product reflecting the “best of two worlds”, while you support our projects as all profit will contribute directly to the projects of Maxim Nyansa in West Africa.

You can see more of Pesewas beautiful African designs on Instagram

If you are interested in this product contact us at


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What we aim to achieve

It is our ambition to launch training programmes in the metropolitan cities of West-Africa. Each year we will offer a 6 month programme for young graduates in computer science to get them ready for the international job market. At the same time, we offer a learning transformation programmes for West-African high schools, helping them to introduce their students to 21st skills including digital literacy.

Maxim Nyansa interviews Legon students