Maxim Nyansa

Our name means “maximal wisdom” and our logo – a classic Ghanaian Adinkra symbol - literally means “climbing the good tree”. This expression means: “He who works for a good cause may expect the help of others”. It reflects our mission, which is to give young Africans who are less fortunate a chance to be educated and equipped for their professional live.


We are an NGO with the mission to create a career perspective for young Africans with the help of IT.
We do this by:

1. Establishing training centers in African big cities where young African graduates from an underprivileged background are equipped to become IT professionals
2. Providing open source educational software solutions to African high schools and families. 
3. Providing integrated IT projects for high schools.

Maxim Nyansa stands for the best of two worlds. We have the strength of an NGO and we are a foundation raising funds and mobilizing volunteers to train underprivileged young Africans. We believe in a bicultural approach and our organization will be owned, governed and executed by teams where Europeans and Africans are working together on a basis of equality and synergy.

Our Values

EMPOWERMENT: We believe in empowering young Africans through knowledge transfer. 
HOPE: We believe that young educated people can have a positive impact on their families and communities.
SYNERGY: We believe in the best of two worlds; Africans and Europeans working and learning together, and creating synergy in every aspect of our organization All our work will be done bi-culturally, fostering respect and understanding through intensive communication.
PRACTICALITY: We believe educational software can benefit education everywhere in the world, but only when it is combined with intensive personal contact and practical training. 
EQUALITY: We believe in equality for all people, in fair trade and fair working conditions.
HUMILITY: We believe in doing business in a frugal and humble way, without compromising on the quality of our services.
QUALITY: We believe we can significantly improve the practice of software development with the help of independent testing services.

What we aim to achieve

It is our ambition to launch training programmes in the metropolitan cities of West-Africa. Each year we will offer a 6 month programme for young graduates in computer science to get them ready for the international job market. At the same time, we offer a learning transformation programmes for West-African high schools, helping them to introduce their students to 21st skills including digital literacy.