IT Education for High Schools

Maxim Nyansa believes that IT, and specifically the use of multi media and educational software, can make a change in the personal development of young African via the schools. Children love school, at least at first. That is where they make friends, play and begin to explore the world. Education is now reaching most African children. But when it comes to introducing students to digital literacy and a deep understanding of what they are learning, there is still room for improvement in most schools.

Supporting high school students with computers and software

Maxim Nyansa is aiming to support students in high schools across West-Africa by providing them with much-needed IT infrastructure and educational software. To support high school students in their learning process, there are many excellent open source resources available on-line both for teachers and students. These materials can be of great help in improving the quality of education. For most schools, going on-line to work with this material is not an option. Maxim Nyansa therefore looks for the right infrastructural solution for every situation, at school and at home.

Maxim Nyansa delivers taylor made integrated solutions for the innovation of education in West-African schools.

This is our approach:

1.  We help schools to set up their IT labs. We will do this by assisting with the design and implementation of the infrastructure. We will also help them acquire the needed equipment for the lab through the Maxim Nyansa Foundation School Sponsorship Program.

2.  We offer digital educational material based on the schools curriculum. This will span from primary school through to the senior high school level. Currently we are focusing on the development for the Junior High School curriculum.

3.  We train teachers in digital literacy and help them use IT to make their job as a teacher more rewarding and less time-consuming. 

4.  We provide IT training for all teachers of the various institutions on how to effectively use technology to improve the delivery of their lessons to capture the attention of children and also to make them understand the topics better

5.  If necessary, we provide general IT training for the students as well. This will equip them with the much needed IT skills needed in the future.

Our products do not intend at all to replace the crucial teacher/student interaction in the classroom but to serve as a complementary resource to the current school system helping students in the active understanding and practical application of the subjects taught.

What we aim to achieve

It is our ambition to launch training programmes in the metropolitan cities of West-Africa. Each year we will offer a 6 month programme for young graduates in computer science to get them ready for the international job market. At the same time, we offer a learning transformation programmes for West-African high schools, helping them to introduce their students to 21st skills including digital literacy.